I set off not really knowing what to expect. I knew I was heading to a small orphanage in Moshi, Northern Tanzania and that I would be staying until October 15th, but very little else. My flight over was long, with a 7 & half hour wait at Doha in the middle. I arrived at Kilimanjaro airport just over a day later. I had a few issues with my yellow fever card and visa on arrival, but all was sorted with a quick phone call to Ewan. I was collected at the airport by Ali, a friend of Collins who runs the Orphanage. On the drive over it really hit home where I was. The mount looms thousands of feat over us. Dusty fields with goats and corn are everywhere. Women with incredible amounts on their heads walked the road sides and any rules go as far as driving is concerned. As soon as we arrived I dropped my bags and walked over to meet everybody at the orphanage. The kids were great, introducing themselves and giving me a hug straight away. Most of the kids have nearly finished school so they were playing football, watching tv or drawing. The Orphanage is in the Soweto district of Moshi. The volunteer house I’m staying in is just over the road from the orphanage. There are currently 6 volunteers at the house, but all of them will have left by Tuesday 30th. The volunteers go back to our house around 6 for dinner, and go back around 7:30/8 to see the kids again. After dinner I made a short walk over the dust roads (avoiding the deep ditches, motorbikes and other hazards through the dark) to a local Internet cafe. There are a few laptops there as well as wifi. An hour is 1000 Tanzanian Shillings; 40 pence. I was a bit shocked/surprised first night with actually hitting the ground, and the realisation of what it will actually be like. However everybody was great with me and I felt welcome straight away.

The picture is the outside of the orphange. Image