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I had a lie in till 7 today, which was great. Had a normal breakfast of a boiled egg, toast and coffee. Went to see the kids at around 9. Most of them were home as Valley View broke up the day before. Played football with a group of the boys and learnt to count till 29 by memory before going back for lunch and applying lots of after sun for my burn.

Went to the Internet cafe and we were the centre of attention. Our screens were peered at and people were just interested in us and what we were doing. The connection was a bit better today as it has been a bit slow previously.

Chilled at SWISCO in the afternoon before heading off to find the Moshi Frisbee Killers, the ultimate frisbee team in Moshi. I got a Piki Piki (125cc motorbike taxi) to go to the pitch, which is next to the KCMC hospital. There are loads of Piki Piki’s on street corners so I choose an older guy who had a full helmet, looked a bit safer. The ride was great. The poor bike had no electrics working and struggling to go up a small hill. We weaved our way on the dirt and tar roads, under and over taking whilst avoiding pot holes and ditches. It cost 2000ts for a 15 min ride, £0.80.

I had to use my broken Swahili to find the pitch. However a man on a security gate kindly showed me where to go. I had to push through a bit of under growth to find the pitch. I was there a bit late but there was a group of guys chucking around. I had great fun. There were huge differences between playing here to where I had anywhere else, the dust felt like I had inhaled a fair bit. Everybody could huck a fair distance, and the athleticism from everybody was great. They train twice a week so I hope to make every session whilst I am in Moshi.

Davie kindly showed me where to go to get a Dala Dala. I was a little ropes getting on a Dala Dala at night (training finished around 7 so the sun had set) but it was fine. I had to get one into town and then one out again, costing 800ts in total. Both guys tried to short change me, I was quite indignant but I should really have been for such a small amount. On the first Dala Dala there were 25 people in it at one point. The second the conductor (who hangs out the side, whistles to gain passengers and collects money) decided this Mzungo riding at night in his Dala Dala was the funniest thing. And the other passengers joined in, all in good humour though.

Riding on a Piki Piki and a Dala Dala at night was an experience, but great fun. I also loved played some Ultimate again and I hope to join in going to coach at a boarding school on a Thursday night.