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Impala Swimming PoolUp early to walk the kids to school. The kids at Valley View (which is the majority) are having their last day. They will be told where they rank in terms of exams scores in their class. They also did lots of dancing too.

I walked after dropping off the kids as I was joining a few of the girls to volunteer at a 0-6 orphanage. The sun was our early (it’s normally cloudy in the morning) and the view of Killi was amazing (see the picture bellow). We got a taxi for £2 the Upendo.

There were loads of volunteers at the orphanage. I didn’t feel as useful. I was with a ground of around 20 4 year olds outside in their little park. The kids didn’t listen very well to commands in Swahili and they don’t understand any English. However they did enjoy our company. We played with them outside, took them in for milk, toilet and changing, played again, ate food, toilet and nap. I managed to avoid being sick on, but I joined the long list of volunteers who go weed on… I was glad I went, even if it was difficult to help the kids and some things were difficult to see.

I joined some of the other SWISCO volunteers at a local hotel to chill by the pool. I didn’t put nearly enough sun cream on or high enough factor for my first time in the sun and the result was a fairly bad burn to the front of my torso… The pool was cold,nice and lying in e sun was great, until I burned.

We had a 40 min walk back, which was really nice. There were many Mazungu shouts at us. We checked out a large local supermarket, which was really well stocked. I’m starting to gain a grasp of the local area now.

Spent my evening at the orphanage just reading and learning Swahili. I’m gaining a basic understanding of some of the sounds now. I’m hoping I’d learn a fair bit in 3 months. The kids enjoy laughing at my mispronunciation and mistakes. It’s quite funny and many of them enjoy teaching me, so hopefully I can start to pick if up at a good rate.