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Valley View P4 Class

Had a very lazy weekend, I stayed out of the sun as my sun burn was quite bad, so it limited me a bit. It was a busy weekend at SWISCO as we had 3 of the volunteers leaving who had been here for a few months each and another left on Friday. I spent a lot of time at the orphanage just chilling out with the kids.

Monday was the first day of the holiday for the Valley View kids but this didn’t mean a holiday. They all wanted to go to tuition which is a half day, 8-12 ish. It costs 10,000 per child for 3 weeks – it’s around £4. Myself and some of the other volunteers paid for any kids who hadn’t been paid by their sponsors.

I decided to sit in on a P4 class, which is a year 3 class. However classes here are on grades and passing, not age. In the morning there was a 2 hour ish maths class. The teaching and discipline style is very different from the UK. There was a 20 min break, but it went on for nearer 40. As some of the teachers didn’t turn up I was handed a book and told to take the P4 class for English. It didn’t go as well as I would have hoped as the class had only 6 (4 from SWISCO, other couldn’t turn up until they paid for tuition) and the kids couldn’t separate seeing me in a class teaching from the orphanage. It was very frustrating but I chilled oh in the evening and forgot about it.

I want to teach whilst I’m here, but Monday was a set back. The kids are incredibly grown up and I forget that he ones in P4 are 11 and not 16. I’m going to go into a class with less of the SWISCO kids and ask for some prep next time I go in!