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Tuesday I lay in till 7:30 and didn’t go to school as I was feeling a bit rough. I read some more Swahili, which is coming along now, and watched some TV.

In the afternoon a new volunteer, Kristine, arrived. She is from Denmark and is currently studying a masters in Cairo. I showed her around Soweto and then we went to town on a Dala Dala in the afternoon. The weather closed in and it actually started rain.

We met up with Beth, who is a friend of mine that I met skiing in France this year. She is doing a medical elective at KCMC, which is a hospital in the north of Moshi, next to where the frisbee team practices. It was good to catch up with her and listen to her experiences of Africa so far.

We went back to he orphanage to hear a lot of noise coming from inside, which is very rare for this time of day as not everybody is back from school. Inside there were 10-12 American tourists, who were in a photo tour. Armed with multiple big cameras they took pictures of everything. The kids who were their loved it! Some even going into photo shoot mode and posing in multiple positions for the same photographer. I was slightly creeped out by this, not site because of the cameras or all the Muzungu’s! So I stayed away with some of the older ones before making a hasty exit.

Luckily they didn’t stay for ages. I helped a few of the kids with home work. One of the older girls, Tatu in particular. She was really struggling with fractions and gaps in her basic maths knowledge due to copying word for word from a textbook and not understanding the subject properly. This is something I think I will struggle with whilst teaching. Tatu did really well though and now understands a few more things about how fractions actually work.

Normality is starting to hit me and I’m loving feeling at home with my new surroundings.Local Shop