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Still not over my man flu but I headed into to school anyway. I watched P5, which has a few SWIWSCO kids in. The morning was spent doing corrections (any wrong answer means the kids have to re-write the question and the answer) and if is hung off homework before going over some Geography with what time was left.

The lesson after break was Science. Ali, one of the SWIWSCO kids, didn’t answer a question as he didn’t know the answer. He stayed quiet and for not answering he got pinched. By the teacher. He couldn’t stop crying so was asked to leave the room. This was tough to see. The way of disciplining is very different to the UK, and its not the way I plan to do things.

I spoke to Collins a out what happened and he spoke to Ali about it. I don’t want to cross a line as to saying things are done wrong in my eyes, but he didn’t know the answer and had answered plenty of questions during the class. I tried to forget about it by going to answer session of frisbee at KCMC. There wasn’t a large turn out but still good to chuck a disc around and meet up with some of the guys.

The Dala Dala ride back was very uncomfortable. The second bus was busy. I sat at the back with two large ladies in the same bench as me, thinking nobody else would sit there. I was wrong. In a space for a small child another large lady attempted to fit in. This resulted in me being squished into the side of the van for the 10/15 min journey. I won’t make the same mistake again!

I spent the evening planning a science lesson for the next day and teaching some more fractions to Tatu. She made really good progress tonight and implemented some of the tips I’d shown her. I am really looking forward to the next days teaching and hope it won’t go the same way as my first attempt!

Nasra was cold so I lent her my jumper on the walk to school

Nasra was cold so I lent her my jumper on the walk to school