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The kids are getting ready later and later. We didn’t set of till after 7:30 so arrived at school just before 8, however lessons didn’t start till nearer 8:30. I was in P5 again to watch maths. The day began with 5 mins of Swahili before the maths teacher arrived and decided that is was time for maths. They were revising fractions. However after 5 mins he handed me the textbook, said “We have a new maths teacher” and left. I continued the lesson and did ok. It’s difficult when all the kids are used to what I would consider hard discipline I’m class.

At break Kristine and I walk to a local shop to buy some half cakes and mandazie. Both are small fried break products that are made slightly differently and cost 100ts (4p). The History and Geography teacher came in after class and was confused, wanted to see the kids work from the day before, then left. I decided to do the science lesson I planned. It went well as we had not long to complete the work I had hoped for. I was really pleased with how the day went, I had to speak to the some of the SWIWSCO kids to remind them this wasn’t the orphanage but school, but overall they were great too.

After lunch I was flicking channels and to my delight live ashes cricket was on an Indian sports channel we have. Fate was against me however as I only got to see 1 ball before a power cut. Once power had resumed (only 20 mins later) Kristine and I hoped to go to the Internet cafe, but the power outage had knocked it out.

There was no Internet but SWIWSCO did have a visitor. Beth has spent some time on the children’s ward at KCMC and wanted to come to see some more kids. We spent a few hours at SWIWSCO with hr kids, who were un characteristically shy for a while. But they stared to resume to their normal selves after a while. It was really nice that Beth could come and visit the orphanage, I think the kids really enjoy new visitors.

During Beth’s visit another new volunteer showed up, Sarah. Who is from America but is studying at the same university as Kristine in Cairo. She was exhausted after her flight and a frantic few days before arriving though.

We attempted to go to the Internet again but to no avail. I spent the evening doing class questions and home work till late (which is 10 for me here after early morning starts). I wasn’t planning to teach again tomorrow, but just watch.

I’m really glad my first full day of teaching went well and I’m really looking forward to doing more teaching during the rest my stay.

My blackboard from my first day of teaching