Kristine and I managed to set off slightly later to SWIWSCO but still arrived at school in better time than the previous day. The morning in P5 was spent doing corrections of Science. I had to get slightly angry at a few kids as they hadn’t even attempted their homework. The scary science teacher then came in to teach science but jaded me a book and said start on HIV and immunity. The lesson wasn’t great as I was speaking and thinking at the same time, but it wasn’t terrible either.

The next lesson was Maths and we started by doing some corrections from the previous day. I then tough part of the lesson as the maths teacher left again before returning to finish the lesson. The kids are now treating me like a teacher, inside and outside my class and even the SWIWSCO kids; which makes my life there much easier.

As we walked home from school I got a call from Mum to say they had picked up their hosts child from school and where could they meet us. As Kristine and I were the only Muzungu’s on the road I told her to drive down the road till she saw us! The kids were great at meeting Mum, Dad and Ewan, it was really nice for them to walk back with us as the kids are always a but different on the walk to and from school.

The four of us went out for lunch at Pamela’s Bar, which is a local ‘pub’. Service was a normal relaxed way and I had to use my limited Swahili and their limited English to order some very good Pork and chips. We returned to the orphanage for a few hours before heading to where they were staying so I could have my first proper hot shower. The kids seemed to really enjoying having the 3 of them round, I think they were more relaxed around them as they were related to me and it was nice to have some older adults around (Dad was even called Grandad by some of the kids).

Our taxi drive had a slight crash before picking us up so we were delayed whilst 20 or so people weighted in on what should happen. After money was exchanged we set of to Tembo Tamo. The shower was cool, but freezing due to an earlier power cut, still nice. The dinner was fantastic, a huge spread and I tucked in to a chicken dinner made by out brilliant Kiwi host, Sandra.

I ended up staying he night as we were heading on a coffee tour at 9 and SWIWSCO is the other side of Moshi. The bed was huge, as was he breakfast. The four of us as well as Nina and Sebastian, a German couple also staying there, piled in to Sandra’s car to head to Union cafe for the coffee tour. The cafe and the trip is ran my a cooperative of the coffee farmers on Kili. 70% of the money from the trip goes into a pot which is used in their community projects; such as road repair and school building.

The trip was led by Dennis, a 71 year old man who had been coffee farming all his life. The trip was really interesting. We wound out way up the narrow paths in the fog an rain to a small farm of one of the farmers. We picked some beans, ground them, roasted them and made them into coffee. It rain on and off and I was really glad Sandra lent me some boots as it would have been horrible in my flip flops! We finished off the tour with a traditional lunch; Banana soup (which was great and didn’t really taste of banana) Ugalie, Boge (spinach with a little onions and tomatoes), beef with vegetables and rice.

We all went back to SWIWSCO so I could bring my stuff for our safari and to see the kids. There was an incredible amount of washing being done by the girls. Mum and I helped before Ewan, Dad and I headed off with the older boys to play football. It was great fun. Some of the kids are really good and I enjoyed having a good run around.

After the dust had filled our lungs the three of us headed back early. I went to Skype Jenny for the first time since being here and the others all headed back to pack at the B&B. the connection was surprisingly good and it was great to speak to Jen. Now I know the connection works I will be Skyping more often.

After heading slightly late to Tembo I was greeted by the sound of drums. Ewan plays the drums so Mum, with Sandra and Frank’s help, organised for some traditional rulers to come along. We all listen and joined in some of the dancing in the fire light. Whilst our food was BBQ under Frank’s expert eye. We had pork, sausage and Gazelle. There was a fantastic spread of salad, tofu and more to accompany. It was a fantastic way to spend out last night before heading out on a 9 day safari.

I really enjoyed having Mum, Ewan Dad visiting me. Not just to see them, and for them to see what I’m doing here, but for the kids to meet them. They really took to them and that made me smile and them. It was a perfect way for me to close my first ‘chapter’ on my Tanzanian adventure.

Ewan, Me and Nasra

Our coffee beans being roasted

Ewan, Mum and some of the kidsMe, Hassan & Mum