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We didn’t have an early start from the crater, which was great as we could enjoy the amazing beds. During the night I heard Zebra next to our tent and at one point was abruptly awoken when one started to bray (the noise it makes is somewhere between a dog an a donkey, its really strange!) We had to crawl through some really dense fog on the crater rim. It was strange as the vegetation is very green and the fog so thick, it was like being at home. Enroute to the Serengeti stopped at Olduvai Gorge. Which is where Mary & Louis Leakey discovered foot prints of man which are 3.5 million years old! I found it surprisingly interesting and it was nice to do something different.

After a few more hours on some really bumpy dirt roads we arrived at the Serengeti gate. However the drive took at least an hour longer as our radiator was once again dying a slow death. We had to make a stop every km as we approached the gate to put in a few more litres of water. Poor Frank tried several more fixes, but nothing worked.

After lunch and a very long process to enter the park, we set off on a drive to our camp. By some miracle, a lot more tea leaves stop the multiple leaks that had reappeared. We were once again spoilt with loads of different animals and birds. Plenty of variations of Gazelles and Antelopes. Highlights were two groups of Lions; one with 4 next to a river and another a large male who was next to the road eating a Wildebeest. We saw Hippos for the first time and a few groups of Elephants close to the road.

We were staying four nights in the Serengeti from the 7th- 11th, staying two nights at two different camps. The first camp was called Kanga camp. It was more basic with a simpler set-up but it had everything we needed and we had a 11 tent section all to ourselves for the two nights! The view was amazing as our tents and the mess tent looked out on the grass planes. We mainly saw Thomson Gazelles, but there were also Zebra, Giraffes and Warthogs during our stay. At night we heard Lions, Hyenas and more Zebra’s.