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Kristine and I returned to Valley View for what we thought would be the final day of tuition. I went to p5 again to watch a lesson. The Swahili teacher didn’t show up so the English teacher turned up instead for the first half of lesson to review what they had done the previous day. He left early and I decided to do a little bit of math’s with the kids.

At the end of an extended break a group of the teachers from Kenya told us they were leaving to go back to Kenya… I was then told by another teacher to go and teach math’s in p5. They had done more fractions work when I was away so I continued this. However the math’s teacher turned up 15 mins late and sat there whilst I finished my questions. Before I had finished he handed out some homework and went away again.

Once again Kristine and I headed to the internet café to research Zanzibar, but this time to actually book our flights and look into our trip. The previous night Barack, an Israeli who had been visiting the orphanage for a day, told me about a much cheaper diving company. We booked our flights and I looked into diving in the north whilst Kristine is looking at going to beaches in the south. Luckily Kristine was there as none of my cards would be accepted on the airlines website!

I rushed back to get ready for another session at KCMC. There was not as many people at the session tonight so we didn’t stay as long. I headed into town to meet Kristine and Amber – A Canadian girl who is working at Moshi University. We all went for dinner at Milan’s; Which is a low key vegetarian restaurant. It was great to meet another person who had been in Moshi for some time and to go out for a meal.

Kristine and I were up early the next day even though it was a Saturday. We were meeting Sophia and Nicola (other volunteers who Kristine had also met on another trip) at Moshi bus station to catch a bus to neighboring town Arusha. The bus was only 1.20 and was surprisingly nice; The seats were cushioned (even though mine had no springs on the left side) and it wasn’t too hot or noisy.

The bus took just under two hours and we arrived in to a very busy and manic bus station. We were heading to a Maasia market a short walk away. It took some finding and was not what I was expecting. I thought we were heading to a local market (which would sell all kind of animals and fruit) but instead we were in a tourist market. I had great fun walking around and buying a few little things. I had to negotiate furiously for every item. Getting prices down by two or 3 times the original price that we were quoted. There were so many people selling the same thing that if they weren’t giving me a good price I could walk away.

After spending a couple of hours there we went to the Blue Herron for lunch – a restaurant which had been recommended to Sophia. It was again not what I was expecting. The restaurant was set in a garden with large wooden tables, a water fountain and an outside pizza oven. It was fair bit pricier when compared to local food, but still cheap when compared to prices at home. It was a brilliant way to spend a few hours on a sunny afternoon

The Blue Heron

Arusha Maasia Market.