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Wednesday morning was sad for everybody at SWIWSCO as Jacqui was leaving. She came over and said bye to all the kids and us. Kristine and I walked with all the Valley View kids to school, however we weren’t going to Valley View today but Mount Kilimanjaro school instead. It is a school which is another 15 minutes beyond Valley View that has Primary to A-level classes in it. We went into watch Hassan who is in p6. The school is also a private school but the differences are vast. The building reminded me of my high school Ryburn before we moved buildings. The teaching was also done in English but was a standard which was far nearer to teaching in England. I was really glad that we experienced this different school. It had far more western features about it. It didn’t surprise me that it was ran my an Indian man.

After making the long walk home we headed to the internet café to book our trip to Zanzibar. Kristine and I were both surprised how much everything cost. The internet was running so slowly it made it really difficult for us to research. The cost made us both agree to think about even going. This put me in quite a low mood. My low mood was lifted after another trip to KCMC, to train with the Moshi Ultimate Frisbee team. There were far more people attending this week and we had some great games. To top it off the mount came out of the clouds at about 6 and the sun set onto the snow making a spectacular view.

On Thursday Kristine and I also went to Mount Kilimanjaro school again. This time to watch p5 as there are two girls from SWIWSCO in that class. We were unlucky that the first lesson was double Kiswahili, so we didn’t know what was going on. The next lesson was English and it was another great lesson. I was really impressed with the kids attitude and the teacher for delivering a fantastic lesson. The head teacher of the primary unit then welcomed us to her office to show us some of the school statistics; They came top in the Moshi area.

The walk back felt even longer today. Kristine and I once again headed to the internet to have another look at Zanzibar and I spoke to Jen on Skype afterwards. I popped into to SWIWSCO before again heading to KCMC to meet up with Frank and Riziki – Two members of the Moshi team. Riziki is training to be a teacher and on a Thursday afternoon he has been teaching Ultimate Frisbee to the boarders; most of which are girls.

The three of us somehow fit onto one of the Chinese 125cc bikes that Frank owns and headed 20 mins out of Moshi. I am glad Frank is a great driver as I don’t think that the bike would have made it up some of the hills and through the dirt roads without expert skill! We must have looked a funny sight, with me in the middle of the two guys. A lot of people made various comments and hecklers as we drove past.

There were a few boys and men that were there during our game. The girls seemed to really enjoy themselves. They have lots to learn, but as long as they were having fun and grasping the general idea that’s what really matters. The pitch was very green, which was a nice change from KCMC. I did only have one contact in, which made things interesting but I also had a fantastic time. I think it was quite a sight to have a young white guy running around playing sport with the pupils.

Frank kindly gave me a lift back to Mawazo after the session. After having a fantastic hot shower (curtsey of a large pan of boiled water) I headed over to SWISCO for a few hours. The night was really funny. I spent some time with some of the older kids around the fire and we just spent most of our time laughing at my Swahili and other things.