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Tuition had not yet finished at Valley view. Jamie was joining Kristine and I at Valley View. I wanted to see a different class today so I went into p6 to observe a lesson. About 20 minutes had passed before I was once again asked to go and teach in p5, as there was no teacher there. Again no textbook too… Jamie was in the lesson as well so between us we strung some maths work together. I was yet again disappointed with my lesson. Ali, one of the SWIWSCO boys, was not behaving very well and in a physical punishment environment I feel a bit lost. To compound matters I had to get really mad with Ben, a pupil in p4 who has friends at SWIWSCO. He has a real chip on his shoulder and pushes it with me at school. He walked past and started shouting into my class room. I was so close to sending him to the staff room. The kids seem to only respond to the cane and I worry if I keep threatening and nothing happens they could start to ignoring my threats – the other teachers would have no hesitation in giving the cane.

After a frustrating morning I joined the girls plan and leaving at break. They both needed the internet for various reasons, so we headed into town after lunch. We went to find a new supermarket and bakery that we had been told about by Sophia. They were both brilliant. In Aleem’s (the supermarket), the amount of different brands blew me away. I bought some lovely Tanzanian lime jam. The bakery, Abbas Ali’s, was also fantastic. They were both close to Fifi’s, so we headed there to drink coffee and spend a few hours on the wifi. Town seemed to be a bit of a shock for Jamie.

After dinner I got a Facebook message from Reece, who is he captain of Lancaster Ultimate frisbee team for 2013/14 and was the vice captain last year. He carried out an online survey to gain feedback on various aspects of the club for the 2012/13 season. He had sent me the feedback I’d been given. I didn’t think it would make easy reading and it didn’t. I appreciated the constructive criticism but I was quite hurt by some of the comments. Especially as I have a very good idea who wrote them. I gave my all even through some tough personal challenges and comments like ‘not enough experience’, even though I was the second most experienced player on the team, isn’t constructive criticism.

I went to SWIWSCO but really wasn’t feeling like doing much, so I headed back to catch the end of the Man City game.

I didn’t sleep well so I decided not to go to school in the morning. Pam was working a late shift and didn’t start work till 3. She kindly agreed to show Kristine and I round Memorial market. The market is a 5 min walk away and is nearly all second-hand clothes, bags, shoes and material used at home. I have been once before but the place still takes my breath away. I got some Converse trainers, which have soles that are next to new, for £10/$14.5. Kristine bought a bag for £4/$6. Prices for t-shirts are £1-2 and an Eastpack backpack for £4.

Pam left Kristine and I as we continued to walk around the market and soak in the atmosphere. I had to haggle a lot as I would not be given a good price with working for it. Everything needs a really close inspection as it is all 2nd hand, mostly from American charities. There are fantastic bargains to be had.

Had a really good session at the internet cafe, trying to arrange a trip to Musoma. Spent a really good afternoon and evening at SWIWSCO.

I will be packing my bag well before I leave and heading back to memorial to buy clothes to fill any remaining space! I love the idea of Reece doing a club survey and I really value the feedback. It was great to read the positive things people said. I felt some comments were unjustified and that’s a little more difficult to deal with so far from home.