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I had a onimusly large pile of washing that I needed to take care of. I took the plunge and asked Hassan for some help who brought Rogat with him to Collin’s house. I have never hand washed more than my socks and boxers when I was in Singapore so I was in need of some reinforcement.  My hands didn’t stand up very well to the scrubbing and I had several cuts on them when we finished! Hassan was a real master, and worked wonders on one of my white sports t-shirts with just cold water and a bar of soap.

A new volunteer, Jane, arrived on Thursday night. She had slept in the previous few days as she was recovering from climbing Kili. We took her over to spend some more time with the kids and try to learn some more names.

After lunch I headed to the internet café again to book a few more things for Zanzibar. The three of us headed back to SWIWSCO for 3, as the boys were suppose to be heading to football for 3. Using some really good African time we set off nearer 4… After a while we managed to sort some teams and play a short game. In which I managed to score an own goal… bad times.

The boys had told me a coach had run a session with them yesterday and he turned up again today. Bruno play’s for Moshi and before being injured played in the top flight of Tanzanian football. The boys listen intently and had a great session. I was really impressed how well they listened. They boys have a game next Sunday against another children’s home.

Sarah, the other volunteer at SWIWSCO, decided to make a ‘special meal’ for the kids tonight. Pam was hard at work preparing the food at our house. We had meatballs and tomatoes sauce and it was brilliant. Really nice to have some western food two days in a row. The food wasn’t ready till 8 though and it took quite a mission from Kristine, Witiness, myself and some older to get it over to SWIWSCO and serve it all up. They really enjoyed though, so it was worth it.

It was yet again a brilliant weekend. I like spending some time away from SWIWSCO, not because I don’t enjoy my time at SWIWSCO, but it makes me appreciate it more when I am there.

Here are the boys with Bruno, their coach.

Here are the boys with Bruno, their coach.

A great picture after my own goal...

A great picture after my own goal…

Ali & Hassan