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I had arranged with 3 of the boys to go to Memorial Market at 10 to get them some shoes. Sarah had misunderstood the arrangement so she was still asleep till 11. I went to relax at the house and left for Memorial after lunch. Saidi needed new football boots as his had broken and Haruna + Ali only had school shoes so they also needed some new boots. We must have looked quite a sight, the 3 boys and the 4 volunteers wandering around the market!

After about 90 mins we got all the boys some boots. Sarah managed to get a really good price for Ali’s (8000 ts/ £3.18/ $4.96). Saidi got his for the same price and Haruna’s were a little more at 12,000 – but his looked next to new, even the studs still had their groves on the bottom of them! We had to really haggle hard to avoid Muzungu prices – some sellers tried to start at 35,000 ts for the boots!

Our other objective during our trip was to buy Tatu (who is 13) and Nasra (9 years old) school bags. This proved to be a bit of a challenge to get a half decent price. We found some good bags at one place but weren’t happy with the prices, so we moved on. I was quoted 68,000 ts (£27 /$42) for a North Face bag, should have been bellow 20,000ts… Sarah called a friend, who is a taxi driver, to help us get better prices. We got two really good bags for 10,000 & 8,000. I bought a very new looking Eastpack bag for 10,000ts.

Kristine and I made a quick trip to highway supermarket to grab some supplies. It was good to have some fruit and a beer! We relaxed at the house (to my disappointment no ashes cricket, but Pakistan vs Zimbabwe instead…) before getting ready to go out. Kristine, Jamie and I headed to C-aFrica; a BBQ restaurant and bar close to KCMC. Amber met us again for dinner too. We all had a fantastic time. The food was brilliant, even if the service was a little slow, the beer was so cheap and the atmosphere was great. Set in a garden with music and large wooden tables. The girls said my face had so much sheer enjoyment on it when I was eating my many kebab’s – we don’t get loads of meat at home so it was a big treat. A beer, burger, chips and kebab were only 8,000 ts!

It had been a very successful day. I still can’t fully comprehend the market, it’s so big and varied. I enjoy haggling but being charged crazy prices is frustrating, yet understandable. I will be making many trips back to C-aFrica!