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Wednesday was suppose to be my first visit to a government school. Eliza goes to a local government school and wanted Kristine and I to visit. We arrived and 7:20 and were surprised to see the kids sweeping the paths & class rooms and watering the plants (I was confused why kids carrying lots of large containers!). They seemed to take great pride in getting the place into shape. We were told to visit the head teacher before we entered a classroom. We were given a small lecture about some unpaid school fees and asked to pay them… We told the head we would sort the issue with Collins.

We were unsure if we could go into the class room. Before we had a proper think, a bell rang, and the kids for each class lined up in two lines. The kids seemed to do some ‘stretches’ before starting to sing. Some older boys started to play some drums and then the older classes set off in a kind of march around the school field whilst still singing the same song. It was a little strange to see but it was good exercise for the kids. We decided to leave and said bye to Eliza. This made me quite frustrated and I spoke to Collins about this when I returned.

We had a brilliant soup for lunch. On Monday I asked if we could have banana soup and Witiness made it that night! We also had Mandazie on Tuesday and Wednesday for breakfast. It’s great to have different things for food as Ugalie and beans gets a little wearing.

I grabbed another motorbike (Boda Boda or Piki Piki) and headed to KCMC. To my surprise Riziki had organised a large work party to mark out the pitch. He spoke about it before and I presumed he meant they would mark the pitch with cones. However there were small trenches being dug and white lines being created. It was fantastic. I tried to introduce a drill called 500 before we played a game. The game was good but I played very average.

I spent a late night at SWIWSCO as I had no plans for the morning. I tried to get some of the Valley View kids to do homework so we didn’t have the Sunday night rush. Many of the boys were more interested in the football though!

I didn’t have a long lie in as the rain was making a din on the roof. The TV here is really good, apart from the signal. Collins and I watched a film before I watched some Ashes highlights – perfect start to the day. I headed over to SWIWSCO before 10 to get some homework done whilst I wrote some of my blog. I also brought my contact lenses over. The kids were amazed that I could now see.r

Just before I headed over to SWIWSCO again I booked a flight to Mwanza. I’m heading to Musoma in September, which is a town on Lake Victoria. The church in Barkisland has a link there so it will be nice to visit as they won’t have lots of visitors for the UK.

The boys had been training everyday with Bruno so I decided to join them. He had them drilled and they all had to have football kit on, a large water bottle and trainers. I warmed up and then did laps
and sprints around the football pitch. I only ran for 2 miles before doing some sprints. 2 miles isn’t good enough. The boys seemed to have great fun and looked good for their match on Sunday.

Some of the boys need new shoes and Sarah had offered to buy for one boy, Ali. However this opened a can of worms. She then had a queue or people outside her room asking for things. We inspected shoes and bags to seem if they actually needed them or just wanted them. This is a really tough thing to do, as all of them could have more but I don’t want them to see me as Father Christmas. I’m here for nearly 2 more months and I don’t want to buying them all stuff every week; which is tough to explain and to do.