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Saturday morning and the sun was out. I joined Kristine in doing some washing. We had no hot water so it made washing a little more difficult. I ventured alone this time, spending over an hour washing. The weather was nice so, it made doing the washing not too bad.

After washing I wrote some of my blog before going to SWIWSCO. Everybody seemed very quiet today. After lunch I Skyped with Mum and Dad for the first time. I returned home and headed to SWIWSCO again. The boys had football practise, so I helped the girls with a bit of cooking,.I basically try do things but do them wrong mostly. I try, they laugh, it all ok.

Sarah was feeling off for a few days so she headed to the hospital. Kristine, Jamie and I were heading out for food again tonight. I grabbed a beer from a local shop – You get some discount for handing back a bottle when getting another. We were meeting Sophia & Nicola at El Rancho (which is an Indian restaurant but was a Mexican and the owner never bothered to change the name…) at 7. It’s a 40 min walk from ours so we decided to do that as it was such a nice day and the walk is also nice with tree lined roads.

The place was very busy. The service was slow but the food amazing. Sophia had the great idea of sharing all our dishes. We had a wide range of vegetarian and meat dishes. All of them where very different and really good. It was more expensive than other places but I paid £10 for food, 2 beers and some water.

It’s great to meet with different people who are also volunteering out here. It was a reminder for me of why I love travelling. There were 5 of us, each didn’t know each other a few weeks ago, all from a different country, yet we were having a meal like friends who’d known each other for years.

Sunday morning was suppose to be the boys football match. It had been moved from 4 to 1 to 9 and now had been cancelled. The other team had just decided to go to Arusha in the morning… I had a lazy morning.

Bruno, the boys coach, came to our house just as lunch finished. His team was in a cup quarter final and I was taking the boys to go and watch the match. He told me to follow him to see where we would get the bus from – it was a house just round the corner. I was then invited in and had my hands washed before being invited to sit down. The rest of Bruno’s team was there. Most of the team were all crouching around a large metal tray which had Pilau with Banana, Potato, Beef and salad in. It a very intimate way to eat; all sharing a meal using your hands, especially for a team before playing a match. There was no room for Bruno round the tray so he was handed a huge plate of food, as was I. I tried to turn this down, I’d just had lunch 5 mins ago and didn’t want some of them to not have more. My protests were shrugged off and I attempted to eat a second lunch. It was brilliant. The chef was one of the players who was a cook & guide on the mountain.

After eating I was slightly confused at my presence at the house, we had 90 mins before we left, so I said bye and headed to organise the boys for leaving. Kristine and I spent ages rounding them up as they all dressed up to go. We went back to the house with 9 of the boys and waited for a Dala Dala. Our boys and 17 more supporters pulled in.

The pitch was about 15 mins away and was a solid dust bowl. The area was very different to the rest of Moshi I’d seen. It was looked like a poorer district and there were far more people dressed according to their religion. We had to wait for 40 mins for Bruno to turn up. In the mean time about 100 people gather around and some nets were erected.

Bruno arrived with the rest of the team at 4 (when the game was suppose to start). After a quick warm-up the ref lined both teams up and the game began. The crowd had swelled to nearer 400, with Kristine and I being the only non-tanzanian’s there. We got a fair few stares and kids gasping at us. I had my camera with me and 4 of the boys separately told me to keep it close and be careful.

The game was a much higher standard than I though. Our team, Soweto (after the district we live in) scored in the first minute due to a bad mistake my one of the defenders and the keeper. They also converted a penalty in the second half to win the game 2-0. The crowd was at least 800 by the end, with many kids up trees. Bruno is a keeper and is very charismatic on and off the pitch. All our boys mobbed him after the game. We piled into a Dala Dala again, which was extremely I noisy on the way back. It was a private hire so I got Hassan to translate for me to pay. It appears we payed for the entire supports bus, which I don’t mind. We needed to hire one to get there so we might as well fill it for 15,000ts – £6.

Jamie had bought ingredients for a special meal for us all. The older girls and Pam spent hours making the 3 courses. There was a pumpkin soup to start. A lovely beef and potato stew for main and 3 different cakes for desert. A fantastic way to end a brilliant weekend. The boys had great fun and were really well behaved. I will hopefully take them to the semi-final.