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I decided not to go to school today. It’s the first day back of full school and I didn’t want to go for a day then have a week off for Zanzibar. I did some more washing for going away. After Lunch Kristine and I went to town for our final few bits for Zanzibar. Instead of getting a Dala Dala we decided to walk. It’s just over two miles and was a really nice walk in the sun. The roads went too busy and it didn’t take us long.

We stopped at Nakumart, Aleem’s supermarket and got some fruit outside Aleem’s. We had a dissapointing end to our trip into town. I tried to get cash at Barclay’s but the ATM had no cash and I couldn’t get any cash out over the counter… Barclay’s is at the end of town where we get the Dala Dala to Mwazo and its the only bank near so I decided against going anywhere else. We had an attempted to go to a new cafe for a drink but it had closed down so we just jump on a Dala Dala home. I Skyped Jen before dropping into SWIWSCO.

I pack on the Monday night. Kristine and I were sharing a hold bag to put our liquids in, and I had to take loads out as I was severely overpacking! We also found out that Fast Jet (the budget airline we were flying with) operated a shuttle from Moshi for only 10,000 ts rather than sharing a taxi for 80,000.

Our flight was in the afternoon so we slowly made our way into town by ramming ourselves and our bags into a busy Dala Dala. After getting cash we had a quick drink at the Kilimanjaro Coffee lounge, which was the placed we tried to find on Monday but it had moved! The shuttle was hardly what I had imagined, being only a large taxi size, but it was really fast. We were out of the car and at the gate in 10 mins.

The flight was only 45 mins and was good. When we arrived Kristine and I were gong to seperate parts of the island. We were both being collected by taxi’s from our hotels; $40-45!. Mine was there though. There was quite a saga with my taxi, basically it looks like instead of booking it through the company the hotel use the receptionist just called her own company – I can only guess that she got a cut. This problem took a few days to resolve but I got a half price taxi back at the end of my stay!

I was staying at Kendwa Rocks, in Kendwa, which is in the north of the island. My room was nice. I decided to spend a little more and get a room with a hot shower. After a wonderful hot shower I headed down to the beach for dinner. I had a lovely fish curry and was starting to really relax into Zanzibar life.Fast Jet 'Shuttle'