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Kristine was leaving today, so she got up early and said by to the kids. It was sad for her but some of them weren’t fully aware that she wasn’t coming back, which made it easier. Even though she wasn’t flying with Fast Jet, she caught the 2pm shuttle to save lots 70,000ts. I walked with her to help her get her bag squashed into a Dala Dala. I was sad to see her go, but now was a good time for her to go back to Cairo as the unrest had settled a little. I did very little for the rest of the day, spending my time at SWIWSCO.

In the morning I read some of my Swahili book before walking to Highway to get some water and fruit. I left the house, turned the corner and ran straight back. It was a brilliantly clear morning (rare for a morning, normally it is over cast till midday) and the mountain was as clear as I’d seen it. I struggled to take a good photo with the light and then the haze. I also took photos to and from Highway of everyday life, as I need to make sure I don’t just think about taking them and never get round to them. Even though I have seen many of these things on a daily basis, they still amaze me. I Skyped with Jen in the afternoon, before spending time at SWIWSCO. I met Annie today, who is a Swedish girl that is staying at a homestay though Collins and is volunteering at St Josephs Hospital. I watched the England match at night with some of the boys.

On Wednesday I spoke with Collin’s again about some more ideas I had for SWIWSCO. I did lots of washing that I had kept putting off, it gets easier every time and I don’t mind too much sitting out doing it in the sun – I just have to watch I don’t get sunburnt! I skyped with my Mum & Ewan after lunch. As with the previous day, I had to wait well over an hour for power to be restored before we could speak. I dropped by for an hour at SWIWSCO before going to KCMC for training. It was a really good session and I am starting to try and teach some simple techniques to the team. I got a lift back from Frank again, he went on a cross country route with his bike. We went on what I can only describe as a sheep trail through a field of maze before hitting the main road. We nearly had a bad accident near home, as a car came far too close and hit the handlebars! Luckily Frank is a really good driver and kept us upright.

Colin’s and I also spoke about getting a table for outside. It’s a shame to sit inside when its nice and sunny outside. We set off to town to try and find some cheap plastic chairs and a table. I found it surprising how much 4 plastic chairs and a table was; 76,000ts/ £30. After a lot of hunting we choose a set and put them into a taxi. I went with the boys to football training today, we left quite late as some of them were not home till 4:30 and they had to change + each lunch before leaving. Annie also came to training today, and we just watched the boys out through their paces by Bruno.

Jamie came back from Zanzibar just as we arrived back from training. As soon as we sat down to dinner we had yet another power cut, third day in a row. It lasted for 3 hours today, so we had to eat dinner in the dark. It was nice to have another volunteer here again.

I have had a nice few days doing little and felt really recharged to start doing some work with Collin’s and Pam on improving SWIWSCO.

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