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Saturday brought the boy’s first football match. The time had changed many times many times, but they decided that they needed to be at the pitch for 1:30. I did some homework with the little ones in he morning, and tried to get he boys to make sure they had everything they needed. I went back at just after 1, when we should have been leaving, and some of the boys were still eating lunch and others had just arrived back from tuition.

I got Godfrey, the eldest boy, to help me get the kit out, which is when we discovered that there were only 8 shirts… They are green so the boys also brought their green bibs too. Some of the boys started to leave around 1:45 and I left with the last at nearer 2 after grabbing some of my socks to hand to Saidi. When I arrived at the pitch some boys were up in the stand at the pitch. Annie had come to watch with Gidion, one of the kids who lives at her host family’s house. We waited for a good 45mins for the other team and Bruno to arrive. A man selling ‘ice-cream’ arrived and you could get one for 100ts. The cones were smashed at the top and the ice cream tasted like ice with a raspberry syrup in; but it was really good.

Jamie arrived with the some of girls and younger boys as the lads were warming up. Bruno rang some friends and organised some football kit, complete with shorts, that the boys could use – Bruno wants them to train and play seriously. As he ran back to get it, the game started and he left me in charge of the team.

We started the game really well and had a 2-0 lead within 15 mins. Innocent, a boy not from SWIWSCO, scored them both and was the standout player throughout the game. Both goals were really good, as he had to run past half of the other team before finishing strongly. Hassan grabbed a third goal before half time and things were looking really good. The boys changed into their new kit and headed out to build on their lead. Bruno introduced Haruna & Nurdin after 10 mins (the game was 70 mins long) and brought Godfrey and Saidi. The other team played much better in the second half, and the team missed Godfrey and Saidi. They scored 2 and it made for a close finish. The boys held out and won the game.

Jamie said goodbye to the kids on Saturday night, as she was leaving on a 6:30am bus to Nairobi. After spending a morning at SWIWSCO, I spent the afternoon with Pam creating a budget for SWIWSCO and the volunteer house in Excel. Pam uses Excel at work so knows how to use the basics and I taught her a few more things as we worked through this long project. After 5 hours we had got some really good foundations down and she fully grasped what I was hoping to help her achieve.

Two more volunteers arrived on Sunday night. Melina & Maria; both from Sweden. Maria will be working in SWIWSCO & maybe teachings and Melina will be volunteering at the baby orphanage, Upendo. The girls are terrified of spiders and a large amount had materialised in their room. Witness brought a duster and we set about removing them from the room. After answering questions the girls had about being here, we headed over to SWIWSCO for an hour.

It was great that boys played and won their first match. They love football. They have a chance to play competitively and have such a great coach, it’s just a fantastic opportunity for them.

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