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Wednesday and Thursday the kids were off school as P7 have exams. Maria and I went over before 9 to SWIWSCO but everybody was watching a terrible American show, which is dubbed really bad in Swahili – so we decided to go to town. I went with the purpose of writing and posting post cards. We went for a proper coffee at Fifi’s before heading into town to buy a few things. I again forgot to go to the post office…

After lunch I went over to do my washing at SWIWSCO so I could spend some time with them. I went round to where the boys sleep to do. Some of them were also doing their washing or just kicking a football around. Many of them wanted to help me and it was difficult at times to stop them helping! But I did it nearly all myself, expect Abdul and Hassan helped with two dirty t-shirts I struggled with. I said hi to the girls, before hanging my washing and grabbing a Boda Boda to KCMC for training. The session was good and I managed to teach a few more little things.

On Thursday I tried to get the budget finished. I also tried to buy some more fruit. I had switched from eating lots of bread to trying to eat lots of fruit. It can be very difficult to get a good price and I couldn’t on Thursday so I had to frustratingly ask Witness to get it for me. I had the Swahili and the haggling skills to buy what I needed, but being a Mzungu does have it’s downsides. Witness had finished doing a course at college earlier in the year and she dressed up to go and collect the certificate.

After spending time with Pam on Thursday night we had finished the budget and I formatted and coloured it in. I started to work on a small spreadsheet for her to calculate the drinks business she has started – buying beer, soda and water for the house and selling it to us and Collin’s friends. I also started to create one for the SWIWSCO shop. It has a large inventory so it was time-consuming to do the typing. She was really seeing the benefits of spreadsheets and was enjoying creating them with me.

I went to training again at KCMC. I had a new driver and his bike and driving skills weren’t the best. The session was good. I did some throwing with Innocent at the beginning of the session; He is one of 3 really good players in the team and I hope he represents Tanzania at the beach Championships next year. His English isn’t amazing but between us I think he understood what I was teaching. The game was really competitive and I taught a few more rules to everybody. The view is truly stunning from the pitches, the sun sets and turns the mountains snow pink and orange.

Franki wasn’t at the training session but I rang him and he came and picked me up, taking back on the very quick ‘sheep trail’ path through the maze. I quickly showered and changed as Annie and I were joining Amber at El Rancho as Amber was leaving on Monday. We had a really nice meal, even if the service was typically non-existent – A large group came in and we were told to move to another table, but we had to carry our own drinks and place old plates on a tray on our new table…

The three of us made a slightly treacherous walk to Glacier, which is a large outside bar. It has large hut like buildings with a DJ, dance floor and bar. There is then a large grass area with tables and some swings. Amber and I had one drink and sat out in the wonderfully garden, taking in the starts and the fresh air. I haven’t seen some many white people on one place in Africa. Typically the Brits weren’t drinking copious amounts and making fools of themselves.

I am making slow progress on the changes I want to make at SWIWSCO and ones which I feel need to be made. But slow progress is better than no progress, really I’m just running on African time. Witnesses cooking is brilliant (and the more I tell her the more food I get that I like) but I do love going out for food.