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The budget is finished for SWISCO so I am now starting on the website. I don’t have much experience with websites but the software looks easy that Collin’s uses online so I am giving it a go. I am re-writing lots of the text before starting out on the site. This took a really long time for me to do. It doesn’t help with the internet and power cutting too.

I popped round to SWIWSCO for a little bit before meeting Annie and heading to the golf course for the exercise class again. I did better and he taught us better this time. It feels like it’s really good exercise. After dinner I had a really funny night at SWIWSCO. I did homework with some of the little ones first, which was difficult as they were tired. I then had some of my hair braided by Peres. The older ones also thought this was really funny. Servera wanted to send an email from her to Jenny and a few of the other girls wanted to contact some of the other volunteers from my phone. I came back and watched the end of a film with Collin’s before going to bed.

I was really behind on writing my blog and going through photos, so I spent time on Tuesday doing this. After lunch I did a bit more text editing for the website. I left the house just after 3:30 as I was heading with the Frisbee team to ISM (International School Moshi). I was running late and was going to grab a Boda Boda when Franki drove past in the opposite direction and told me to wait and he would come and get me. After dropping me off (at 4 which is when we were suppose to meet) he drove home and got some others. The rest of the team arrived nearer 4:20.

I was really surprised at the amount of questions they gave me before I could get into the school. The school was incredible, and it should be for $16,000 a year. A fully equipped music room, gardens that were immaculate and horses. There were loads of stables, a menage and perfectly kept ground for them to exercise on. The pitches we played upon were perfectly flat and watered to perfection. It really blew me away when comparing this private school to some of the local ones.

The session was good. Most of the kids had never played before but did some really good stuff. I tried to teach my team a simple drill, but it’s very difficult with the language barrier and with nobody to demonstrate apart from me. We played a game and my team did well. I had a few conversations with Isac, the ISM coach as he was using some rules incorrectly. I spoke to Isac afterwards and they are having a 600 student strong Ultimate event in December at ISM – which is fantastic. I hope to give him some material to help him coach before I leave too.

I had a normal day on Wednesday. I have started eating just fruit for breakfast and eating a lot more fruit throughout the day. Witness and I went to try to buy some blank DVD’s, we found some for 4 times less than I was being quoted in town… We also bought some fruit at the local market too. I tried to make the DVD’s most of the day and failed. A slow connection and basic laptop make things difficult. I have some training videos and games I want the Moshi team to watch to help improve them, especially the better players so they can make the Tanzanian team.

Training was really good even though we only had enough for 5v5. It was a more intense session and I again taught Innocent a few tips and he carried them out in the game. I think he can become really top player for Tanzania. The guys don’t know how and when the team will be selected so I hope to find out before I leave so I can help them improve their selection chances.

I started to watch the latest Batman film at home before going to SWIWSCO to finish it. I have seen parts of it so many times when being here and I was determined to finish it. The Tanzanian power God’s didn’t think so though. First the signal went for 5 mins and then the power was out for nearly an hour. I returned home and wrote some PC’s in candle light before the power returned for the end of the film.

I had written a lot of what I wanted to post for some part of the website so I started to upload and fiddle around with it. It’s slow going as the connection is so slow and I am learning lots at the same time. But I was really happy with what I did. I walked to Highway to get some milk as I have started to buy proper milk. It’s so nice to have it! Even if it is long life… I went to SWIWSCO before and after dinner. It’s always a really nice way to end my day, helping with home and just messing around with the kids.

I am starting to make some progress on the website. If anybody has any comments about the website; What to add, what needs changing, comments about the changes I’ve made. Please add a comment here. http://www.swiwsco.org

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