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I spent Friday morning adding a few more features onto the SWIWSCO website. After lunch I added some credit to my Skype account and I went to the internet cafe to ring my Grandad’s, it was his birthday. Typically when I rang he was out, doing some jobs, but I managed to speak to my Granny for 10 mins – after she realised it was me and not some sales man!

I tried again to create the DVD’s for the frisbee team, but I gave up and just put the files on a flash drive. I brought lots of plastic bottles to SWIWCSO and with Dula’s help, labeled them with all the boys names. They should all have a 1.5L bottle for football training, but as the bottles are all the same they keep losing them… So I have given them all a bottle with their name on and if they lose one they have to tell me, then wait a week to get a new one.

I headed to training in typical African time. I managed to grab a driver on the street outside my house. He had a really nice bike but drove so slowly. There wasn’t a brilliant attendance at training but there was some really good play. Franki wasn’t at training so I had to try to find another driver to take me home. However I couldn’t find one so I grabbed a taxi instead. After a very long negotiation I got a taxi for a good price.

Melina, Maria, Annie and I were heading out to c-aFrica for dinner tonight. I tried to use the same driver I normally use and I spoke to him the previous day going out tonight. But he suddenly had to go to Mombasa and couldn’t pick us up… The new driver we got didn’t know the way so we had to ring the bar to get directions for him. c-aFrica was brilliant again. The prices are a tiny but more than other local places but the atmosphere is fantastic. We tried some Konyagi, a local spirit, with bitter lemon and it was quite good. The girls were really good and all spoke English all night, which makes me feel bad as there are 4 of us and 3 people are all speaking their second language! Faheem went a little crazy when we came home, running around and jumping on all of us!

The girls were heading into Arusha again on Saturday morning, so I joined them on the Dala Dala into town. I went to write a few more postcards and have some lovely coffee at Fifi’s. After lunch another Swedish girl – Josephine arrived. She is staying at Annie’s house is working at Upendo with Melina and Maria. Rather embarrassingly I had to ask for her name 4 times… She pronounced it in the Swedish way so I didn’t have a clue what she was saying. I thought at one point I thought she said her name was Lucifer… Bad start.I made a hasty exit and headed to SWIWSCO to round-up the little boys and some of the girls to watch the football match.

Many of them weren’t there to watch the football, but to run around like crazy people – which is fine but the ‘stand’ at Memorial has no railings and they all want to run near the edges… Suddenly hundreds of people were running towards the market and shouting. One of the kids told me a thief had been caught. They worked out it was a young Muslim girl and she was surrounded by hundreds of people screaming and shouting. Somehow a car made its way through the masses to collect her. The crowd surrounded the car and banged on the windows and roof as it drove past.

The game was messy and the boys went down 2-0 early, it looked ominous. However Innocent again worked his magic and scored one goal either side of halftime. Some sloppy defending led to another cheap goal and it took an amazing overhead kick from Innocent to level the game – he hit the ball near the edge of the penalty box, a fine way to bring up his hat trick. The game was close all the way to the end. With 2 minutes to go we pressed forward and captain Godfrey managed to smash home the winning goal. Bruno wasn’t overly pleased with the performance but a win is a win. He reminded the boys they needed to train more seriously – clean and proper kit, water bottles turn up ready to go. He is really trying to instil some fantastic values in the boys.