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We were hoping to make a visit to TPC Club on Sunday; In the south of Moshi which does a famous brunch, swimming pool, wifi, golf = Perfect Sunday. However the weather decided we shouldn’t go and it remained overcast all day. I read a lot of my book and very little else. After lunch Josephine and Annie joined myself, Maria and Melina in a trip to town. We showed Josephine round and went to Fifi’s for coffee and wifi. I went to SWIWSCO before and after dinner.

Monday morning, I set about rewriting more of the SWIWSCO website. A few of the older kids were at home this week so I went round there before lunch to play cards, I learnt some new words in Swahili and had great fun. After lunch I played some more cards and then started to do a large pile of washing I had. I did my washing with Rohgat but he finished his in lightning time and insisted on helping me. It’s great fun doing it with the kids and I find it interesting how they all have different techniques.

Melina returned early from Upendo. We met Annie at the Dala Dala cross-road and headed to a local gym. I had walked past it many times and it looked like nothing from the outside. However inside was a fairly impressive and clean gym. There is pool and table tennis outside. Inside there is a gym and a carpeted area for classes. The girls went to a frantic class and I went to the gym. I stayed for about 90 mins and felt great, I haven’t been to a gym in years! For the price 5,000ts (£2/$3.10) you get a class or the gym and use of the changing facilities which have a warm shower! I will definitely be returning to the gym a few times, I can’t believe I didn’t go before.

We had Chapati and Choroko (which is like a kind of lentil dish), which is maybe my favourite meal. I ate far too much of it. I had a good night at SWIWSCO just doing very little with the kids.

I continued working on some of the website on Tuesday morning. I asked Rohgat to come with me to the fruit market to get some Oranges, Bananas (these two make up my breakfast) and Avocados (which I have everyday for lunch and sometimes dinner). He was surprised at the prices we were quoted… but I managed to get the fair price of 500ts (£0.20/$0.30) for an Avocado, which was a fantastic success.

After Lunch Annie came round and we headed to Memorial Market, which our translator, Rohgat. We were going to buy some trousers which Annie had been told an old lady made cheaply on the market. After over an hour we couldn’t find here and none of the shop keepers knew where she was. We had an ice-cream and experienced the mental market once again.

Witness went with me down the road to get some trousers of mine taken up. He quoted 2,000ts, which is the Muzungu price. Between us we got him down for the correct price of 500ts (£0.20/$0.30). I had an African Pizza while we waited (fried bread like on the outside and stuffed with egg and vegetables). After cutting the man started to drink Konyagi, the local spirit… The lines he sewed were surprisingly straight.

I wanted to go to the internet cafe to Skype with Jen, but it was closed and “unavailable today”… So I tried to Skype on the internet at the house but it was futile. The power was out at SWIWSCO after dinner and it was a mad house but good fun. I brought my torch\ and it was the only light for the whole room as the kids ate. Faheem and some of the younger ones would run and touch. They would wait for me to chase them before I would hold on for a while and not let them go. They found this incredibly funny. I did some torchlight homework before heading home for an ‘exciting’ episode of My Eternal with Pam.