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Sunday morning was an early one. Francis was sacrificing a sheep that we would eat for lunch. A neighbour arrived at 6 and they killed the ram that had been tied up in the house over night. It was interesting to watch how every single part of the sheep was used. After eat rice and chapatis for breakfast, Francis drove us to the cathedral. The back of the land cruiser was then filled with visitors from a diocese in Tanga. It had taken them two days to driver to Musoma from Tanga! After a few minutes into our drive the ladies started to sing. They had brilliant voices and it was far nicer than having the radio on.

We were all going to a confirmation service at Nyamatare Church. The Bishop was holding the service along with Francis, another vicar and the vicar from Tanga. The service started in Africa time but in wonderful African style. Throughout the service there was wonderful singing and dancing – and when power permitted music from a keyboard. There were two choirs who would take it in turns to sing and dance. After each name was read out for the people being confirmed some of the ladies in the congregation would make a clicking/calling noise, that I can only compare to a stereotypical red Indian noise!

The service was close to 3 hours, near the end I was asked to come and introduce myself to the congregation. As the service finished everybody walks out and shakes hands. Once you’ve shaken everybody’s hand you join the end of the line. Everybody was again very welcoming to me, even if some of the, had surprised/shy expressions when looking at me or speaking to me. The choir master very proudly introduced me the choir after the service and he wanted me to do some singing and dancing! The Bishop and his wife, the church elders, the people from Tanga and Francis’s family all went to the vicars house after the service to eat the sheep that had been killed this morning. I tried the offal and it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either.

Francis brought me back to the Cathedral, where Arthur was waiting. I quickly changed and took some photos of the cathedral. I said bye to Francis before jumping in the car with Arthur. We had a man and his son in the car with us. I didn’t understand who they were until we reached their huge house with heavily armed guards. This man was the District Commissioner for all of Musoma. This is a very powerful position, he could imprison you with no questions asked, who was a member of the congregation at the Cathedral.

Arthur had no breakfast, so we grabbed some drinks at Mandazi at the same place we visited the day before. Even though he’d eaten nothing he still tried to give me the majority of the food, which I refused. We drove to Arthurs home and relaxed. Amon then took me on a wonderful walk to the lake and round its shore (the house is 100/200 meters from the lake). We saw men pulling fish from the lake. I wanted to take a picture but they wanted lots of money from me, their reasoning was that I was going to sell it and makes lots of money! A large fish could be bought for under $1!! We went to a really great spot by the lake and were followed by nearly 20 children, all shouting “Mazungu”.

Our final stop was up some large rocks to see the sun set over the lake. It was the best view that I have had my entire trip. The landscape here is so beautiful and the lake is huge. There is a great view of small farms too. Amon had great fun taking a few pictures and took some really good ones. As the sun was setting we headed back for some more wonderful food. I was again asked what I would like to eat, so we had Chapati, Pilau and Maharage.

As I would need to get a bus at 6 Arthur very kindly offered that I could stay at his house. Amon, Grace, Mary and I went back to collect my stuff. The power in the whole of Musoma was out so this made it a little difficult. Amon is a great driver, which I think you need to be at night! Arthur was very concerned about my bites, so he sprayed the room and check the net for holes.

I have had a such a great trip in Musoma (hence the use of so many adjectives and superlatives). Arthur is such a kind man, and was such a wonderful host. I will be sad to leave, and it was totally worth the time spent travelling.

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