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After being away for the weekend I had a rather large pile of washing… I set about the task and was greatly assisted by Rohgat, who was in his second week of holiday. Elin had also arrived; Another Swedish girl who has been at SWIWSCO in May and had decided to return. She was also going to go to Upendo in the morning but would join me at SWIWSCO in the afternoon. After lunch I finished my washing and Skyped with Jen.

It was really nice to spend time at SWIWSCO again. There was another volunteer there from Art In Tanzania, another Swedish girl called Sara. I enjoyed having company at SWIWSCO again from other volunteers as well as the kids.

Wednesday morning I spent some time and SWIWSCO and sorting my room out. After lunch I had a really good Skype with Mum and started to sort out what’s happening when I am back. After a quick trip to SWIWSCO I was off to KCMC for frisbee. I managed to direct the guy through the sheep trails to the pitch. There weren’t many people at training, but Franki and I spent some time coaching Flora and Lucy; to little girls that come regularly. On the way back I spoke to Franki about driving a motorbike to Lake Chala. So he stopped the bike and said I could drive! I was poor at starting it, and it was harder than I expected. There were a few nervy moments, such as two Dala Dala’s overtaking each other, which left me about 2 feet of room, before I’d fall off into a ditch. It was great fun, and another ambition filled.

Thursday morning I had a really good walk to Highway supermarket, the fruit market and then the internet cafe. After lunch Maria, Annie and I went to town. The Dala Dala was crazy, crazy busy, having 28 people in. We stood up and all had nothing to hold onto… We managed to arrive in one piece in town. Annie and I wanted to get some trousers made from a kanga (the colour material the woman use her. They can use them as; skirts, tops, dress, baby carriers, head scarfs and many more things). Annie had been recommended a good lady and we went to seek her out.

She spoke really good English and was really nice. She took us to a Kanaga shop and there was so much choice. I managed to get a tiny bit of discount too. We walked back to her machine and she measured us. I got us a bit more discount so the material (half of which would be used for a Kanga) and the work for the trousers would be 10,500ts (£4.10/$6.50). There was a really annoying guy who was high who tried to help us negotiate even though we didn’t need help. We went to a cafe Annie wanted to try, which was ran by the Anglican church. It was nice but had a garden out the back which we didn’t know till the end.