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Friday morning I spent some time sorting through my masses of pictures from Musoma. Tatu had told me the girls at her school would have a football match before lunch. I set off in African Time and had to power walk the 50 mins to Mt Kilimanjaro school. The game was next week…  but it was nice to walk and meet them as they walked back from school.

The four girls and I were heading for a night out. First we were grabbing a Dala Dala at 5:30 to town to find a roof top bar. Kindoroko Hotel was supposed to have a good bar but it had been closed… So we found a bar over the road at the Haria hotel. We had a good view of the mountain as the sun went down. After a few beers we went to Milans, a cheap Indian restaurant. I went to the toilet and was shouted when I neared the toilet door by one of the waiters. She gave me a key… I tried a locked door next the local toilet and found out they had a western toilet. It looked like this was a toilet just for tourists!

After a brilliant meal, I called Omario, the taxi driver I use, and we went to Glacier bar. We all bought a drink but the barman could give none of us change… Maria and I went to the spirits bar and the same situation there… This was really the start of many funny things that happened. When I went back to the bar with Elin, she got stared at by a man next to her for the five minutes we were there… Maria found a man peeing in the sink in the ladies toilet. We’d all had a few drinks now and the girls wanted to dance. So we decided to grabbed taxi to Moshi’s club, La Liga. I tried in vain to get the taxi for 5,000 but I got for 6,000 – The guy never blinked that there were 5 of us and not 4 for a 4 seater.

I had heard that the locals could be creepy to female tourists so I decided to bribe the huge bouncer outside; this did not give me what I expected though. We entered the club and there were only 4 people there at 11… We grabbed some drinks and went to play pool outside. No coins (50, 100 & 200ts) would fit in the table and I guy told me to wait. We waited and he came back and told me to give him 1,000ts. He then grabbed the plastic window where the balls were stored and yanked it open, putting the balls on the table – no coin needed.

We went inside to dance and found that we were quite the attraction. We had only 1 creepy local who was really high and kept handing around us. Many of the locals were great dancers and very friendly/curious about us. The guys would bust out some incredible moves and the woman could contort their body in an unbelievable fashion. The bouncer I’d given money to decided to show me what my money got me. I’d had a few minutes with my beer on the dance floor and told me to take it off. He then introduced me to his drug dealer friend… I left quickly – not what I expected my money to get me. We all found the night incredibly funny and would laugh so much. We left at nearly 4 and tried to come home quietly as Kenny, a Swedish boy, had just arrived at our house. Unfortunately a cockroach appeared in the girls room which led to screaming before I killed it.

I didn’t feel incredible the next day and we all had a chilled morning. After lunch Annie joined us as we headed to the same cafe we went to on Thursday. They did a Saturday special crepe, which was really good. My trousers were suppose to be ready, but they weren’t, so I would come back another day for them. The same annoying guy was there again too. Elin, Kenny and I grabbed a Dala Dala back as the boys were suppose to have a football game.

We arrived at SWIWSCO at 3:15 and the boys were all still there… They were suppose to be at the pitch for 2. I rounded them up, as well as some of the younger ones and we arrived at nearly 4 at Memorial – the game was supposed to start at 4. There was not coach or other team there so the boys just played a game. I took Kenny and Sara (who joined us with her housemate Sarah) into Memorial to buy him some flipflops. We walked home at 5.

It was Yusuf’s birthday and Acia was making Pilau with beef for dinner. There wasn’t as much of a party as other birthdays as Pam didn’t have time with work to attend or make a cake. Elin bought some chocolate biscuits and we put some music on. The power went and this put a dampner on the night. When it came back on we moved the music outside but the kids didn’t seem as into to it as they normally do, which was a great shame.

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