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I decided that I wanted to give the kids 2 pictures each before I left. I set about searching through my many pictures to find some good ones of each of them. I discovered that I actually don’t have loads of pictures of the house, the kids, Moshi or Mawazo as its something/somewhere I see everyday. Collin’s and some friends were doing some building work to Pam’s shop. A guy came round and started to do some electrical work, I found him with his head in the ceiling.

I rounded up some pictures and some of Musoma to take to print at a place in town. I also went to get my trousers, they were a little too long but she would take them up for me. Both the pictures and my trousers would take around an hour, so I went to Union Cafe. It’s the cafe in town for the farmers cooperative, of the of coffee farmers on Kilimanjaro. I have never been there before and I don’t know why. The coffee was cheaper, stronger and better than elsewhere. The wifi was faster (you have to pay 1,000ts for an hr, but its worth it) and I had the best chocolate cake that I’ve had since being here. I Skyped Jen and did some blogging before collecting my pictures and trousers. When I collected the trousers the same stoned guy was there again. He tried to sell me wrist bands for $5 for 1 and I managed to get two for 1,000ts ($0.60).

After lunch I went to the internet cafe to catch up on some emails, blogging and Facebook messages. I returned home for 3 for another trip to town. Pam is going to open a small shop next to the house and she was meeting me in town. Johanna (a new Swedish girl who arrived Sunday night) came with Collin’s and I. We waited 10 mins for a Dala Dala and Collin’s suggested getting Boda Boda to town instead. It looked really funny in a line of 3 on the bikes. It was great, as always, and I went a way I’ve never been before.

After meeting Pam, Collin’s flew round with Johanna and I to buy me some material I am getting a suit made. After some negotiation we bought the material for 28,000 and went to a tailers to get it made for 58,000. In total 86,000ts (£33.50/$53.50). I then took Johanna on a quick tour round town. I was really power-walking for some reason, and even thought it was nearly 5 it was still really hot. The two of us got a Dala Dala back home and walked up to Highway supermarket so she could see where that was. After buying a few things we walked home via Memorial so we could see the boys play football. The mountain was out, which was great for Johanna’s first night. She was joining Elin and I at SWIWSCO at night too.

I had a really big blogging and photo session in the morning. I took some pictures of some kids the night before and I wanted to print some pictures of for Witness and Arthur. It felt good to catch up on my blog as I really enjoy doing it and I didn’t want to not finish it. I went and chilled with Hassan and Vumi at SWIWSCO. Hassan hurt his foot on Sunday and can’t walk very well, but he was much better today.

After lunch I wanted to go to town to get more photos done and buy the girls some beads to make jewelry. Collin’s was really busy so he suggested taking Hassan. Hassan changed to look smart and we headed on a Boda Boda to town. The guy was driving really fast so the police didn’t catch us with 3 people on 1 bike. I am not sure why he was so scared as the way we went wasn’t very populated.

We got off at   market in the south of town. Hassan was very worried about me getting robbed and was caringly holding onto my arm, bag or hand (men holding hands here is seen as a sign of friendship, it has taken me a long while to get used to this part of Tanzanian culture!). We started to bargain with a Masai lady for some beads, as they don’t really sell them but they make the jewelry on the side of the road. A guy tried to ‘help’ us but he just wanted me to go on a safari. We bought some beads and another lady ran over asking us to buy from her too. We went there and she asked Hassan if I wanted her baby. It was a strange and sad situation to be in.

Our next stop was a short walk to get some pictures printed. It would take an hour so I took Hassan to Union cafe. He’d never had a milkshake before, and really enjoyed it. He is 12 on Friday, but is so mature for his age. His English is so good, and if he doesn’t get something I can easily explain it to him. We collected the photos and went to buy some Kanga’s on our way to the Dala Dala. Kanga’s are brilliantly coloured material that woman here wear as; Dresses, Skirts, Tops, Head Scarfs, Baby carriers and many more uses. I had bought one a few days ago and some random guy told me the price had gone up from 7,000ts to 9,000ts. I managed to get them for the right price and felt very proud.

I took the remaining pictures I needed of a few kids after dinner and had a really good night at SWIWSCO. Kenny has moved back to the volunteer house and he is also coming to SWIWSCO. It’s nice to have another guy around and so many people at SWIWSCO too.

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