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Friday morning was a busy one. I went to Memorial market with Vumi, who is one of the older girls. We were buying football socks for all the SWIWSCO boys, which we managed to get 14 pairs for 24,000ts (£9/$15), trainers and Tanzania football shirts for me. We got some good Nike trainers for 15,000 (£6/$9) and two shirts for 20,000ts. I asked Vumi if she needed anything and she said yes and to follow her. Slightly embarrassingly for me she bought a bra. But I was happy I could buy her something she needed, not just wanted.

After our very successful shopping trip we grabbed some fruit at the fruit market. Vumi was going to make a cake for Hassan’s birthday, so we got the stuff from Pam’s shop. Kenny and Elin were joining Vumi and I to visit Mt Kilimanjaro school. Tatu and Mwjuma were suppose to playing football today. We managed to get just 2 Boda Boda’s for the 4 of us, and for only 1,500ts a bike. The guys drove at crazy speeds. Typically the football game was not on again. The others went to watch a P3 English class and I went totry to sort Eliz’s school fees.

As it was Hassan’s birthday he was covered in water by his class mates, and rather cruelly dust too – not great on a white t-shirt. We decided to put the 4 kids on Boda Boda’s back to SWISCO whilst we walked. After lunch Elin and I went to help Vumi with the cake, to find she already finished them! Collins ran me to town at 4 on a Boda Boda. We collect my suit, the trousers are really good, before he dropped me at Union. I had the last of the 5 cakes in 5 days… A brilliant passion fruit cheese cake. Disappointingly frisbee training wasn’t on… It was going to be my last one so I rang Franki to get me on his bike as I wanted to give him the discs I brought with me.

After the kids and we had finished dinner, we went round to have cake. There was a great atmosphere and yet again, some brilliant dancing, although this time inside. Dula was busting some wonderful moves. I gave my Camera to one of the kids and found hundreds of pictures on it, but it doesn’t matter as they had great fun taking them.

Kenny and I left the party late and watched a bit of TV whilst Fahem was running around like a crazy person. He suddenly stopped and crashed out on the sofa, so we took him to bed. I was up sorting some videos on the computer and I was really confused why I could hear a kid crying, it was Fahem, poor Johanna shares a room with him. It was after midnight and he wouldn’t stop crying and telling me to get off him. So I carried him out to Pam and Collins at the shop. Pam brought him in 20 mins later and he came straight out of bed and on to on a sofa, but he crashed again in 2 mins. He is a funny child.