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We were heading to the hot springs again today. Annie’s father and brother arrived yesterday and they came to our house just before 10. I nipped into SWIWSCO so say hello and there was a great buzz around today. Annie had arranged a taxi and the 9 of us piled into a 7 seater taxi – Tanzanian style. The journey took longer than the way back last time but quicker than the way there. It is an interesting journey, with Kilimanjaro popping out of the clouds and driving through Masaai villages. Some of the roads that we went on were terrible, I don’t know how the large automatic car got to the hot springs.

It was busy when we arrived. Annie and I agreed that it had become greener since our last visit. We had a swim before having some Chips Mayia (Chip omelet). In good African Time the 10 minutes we were told for the food to be ready actually took over 40 mins. One guy was peeling potatoes, cracking eggs, selling drinks whilst his 5 mates just sat and watched in brilliant African efficiency. The food was good though, as was the beer; worth the wait.

After a few hours of swimming, chatting, having our feet eaten by fish, we set off back home at around 3. The springs were really busy when we left with tourists and ex-pats. There were also lots of local guys just hanging around. The drive back was equally interesting, with the scenery and sights to see. As we got out of the cab I realised this was the last time I would see Annie. It was the first of my goodbyes over the next few days.

I had discussed with Pam that I wanted to have a special meal for Hassan’s birthday and because I was leaving. I had given her money to buy potatoes, vegetables, salad and ingredients for cake. There was a massive product line of potato peeling, cutting and frying which was being organised by Acia and the older girls. I joined in and helped with the salad, but struggled as they cut everything paper-thin. I got the hang of it and was nice to spend some time with the older girls.

We had food in the volunteer house before going back to SWIWSCO to help with serving the food and getting the little ones ready. Godfrey had the clippers out again and several of the kids had Mario Balotelli inspired Mohawks. There were loads of chips and meat (thank-you Jamy from all the SWIWSCO kids) and several of the kids welcomed me to join them and eat with them from their plate. Pam had iced a cake which said “Farewell David”, which was really nice of her. The icing was great as was the chocolate sponge. We all had some of this cake, a large slice of another cake and there was some left so the kids could have the next day. There was some dancing but mostly just a great atmosphere, I had a smile on my face all night, as did the kids. A wonderful end to a great day.

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