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None of the kids were at school today as it was Julius Nyerere day, the anniversary of his death. I went round to SWIWSCO for a while after breakfast. I had to start the unavoidable packing, it was really starting to hit me that I was leaving. I got the majority of it done, but stopped until after I returned back from town as I wanted to pack my small backpack. Witness made my favourite meal for lunch, chapati and chiroko! We all love it.

After veging out for a little while I got my last Dala Dala to town. I was happy that there were 29 people in there. There was so little room my feet were half over the step, so I was doing calf raises the whole way, a random person was holding my bag, my crotch was very near some woman’s face and I was holding on to a rail which was keeping the last behind me upright too. It wouldn’t be complete without cramming yet another person it. This Is Africa (TIA).

I went to Fifi’s to write my last few post cards and finish off the letters to the kids. I didn’t finish the letters but I had to go as time was getting on. The day was beautiful; blue sky and the mountain was as clear as is ever is. Town wasn’t to busy and I made my way round without a single guy trying to sell me shit. I posted my items, got some chocolate for my Swedish house mates and bought one more Kanaga.

I will miss the things I see all the time here, that are so alien to western life. Such as a man sharpening knives in the street. No machine, just a stone wheel driven by a man on his bicycle. I had to negotiate hard to get the Boda Boda home for the right price. I had my sunnies on, my headphones in with Rudimental’s album Home playing – which has been the album I’ve listen to most whilst being here – I love riding on the Boda Boda’s.

Johanna, Elin, Kenny and I had prepared some questions for a SWIWSCO kids. The other 3 had kindly bought some chocolate Eclairs as a prize. After rounding the kids up we sorted boys vs girls teams. I went first with 5 questions about England & UK. Kenny went next with 5 Swedish questions. Elin and Johanna did 3 questions then played musical statues with 3 members of each team. They finished with a egg and spoon race of sort. 9 members from each team would take it in turns to run with a spoon in their mouth and balancing a spoon on their mouth. The kids were good again and listened intently as I read out the answers. The girls ran out winners but everybody got a prize, the kids had fun and the 4 of us got a lot out of it through the kids enjoyment.

For dinner we had a treat. I had mentioned to Collins that I had never had goat, which is a Tanzanian speciality – Masai can drive huge herds of goats and they kill a goat for Christmas. He kindly said he would buy some for dinner. So we had Goat, Pili Pili sauce (chilli sauce), Ugalie, rice, salad, with leftover chapati and chorko. A real treat. The goat was really good. It had parts which were made in sausage like meat which tasted a little like chorizo and other parts which tasted nearly identical to beef.

After dinner I dida little more packing before heading to SWIWSCO. There was a sad atmosphere, which wasn’t great. But at the same time, in a rather selfish way, it’s nice to know they are sad to see me go. Hassan, Nasra and Abdul had great fun styling my hair with water and comb nearly an hour was spent changing my hair next to barber Goddy who was doing some more hair shaving. I didn’t stay ages as I didn’t want to get too emotional. I had to say goodbye to Rohgat and Pam tonight as I wouldn’t see them in the morning. It was really starting to hit me that I was leaving.

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