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Wednesday morning, I had another go at getting pictures together of the kids, went to SWIWSCO and the fruit market. After lunch Annie joined Maria, Johanna, Melina, Elin and I in a trip to town. I broke my record with 32 people in a Dala Dala (2 were children, it still counts). We went to Nakumart, a bank and the Post Office. I left the girls to make another trip to the photo shop before joining them at Union cafe. I ordered the chocolate brownie cake, which was good.

I grabbed my pictures before getting a Boda Boda to KCMC for training. There were really poor numbers again so I didn’t stay really late. I had to really haggle to get a Boda Boda for the right price. The age of the bikes is scary, less than 1,000km – showing how cheap Chinese imports are changing this country. After dinner I took the remaining pictures I needed in order for the kids to have 2 each.

Thursday morning Kenny and had a really good chat whilst doing our washing. It was his first time but he did really well. I was supposed to be making a trip with Collins to Memorial Market but he had to go to town to get things for Pam’s shop. Goddy came with Kenny and I to the market, as he needed new school trousers and couldn’t go till he had some. The market was closed… But there was a few people selling trousers and he got some. We walked to Highway supermarket to get a few things.

Godfrey said we needed to buy some chicken, so we went down the street next to the Internet cafe to find some. We weren’t going to a butcher as I expected, but some bodies house. After the third attempt we found the right house selling chickens. You pick your chicken, haggle for the price and its killed there for you. This was slightly strange to experience, very different from getting a chicken from Tesco! Godfrey was being super cool and was walking at a snail’s pace… We made it back, hot and tired for lunch.

I chilled and drank lots of water after lunch, before getting a Boda Boda to town. I got dropped at the same market Hassan and I went to earlier in the week. I was buying some more beads for the SWIWSCO girls, as the Swedish girls rightly told me there was not enough. I managed after much difficulty as the Maasai women spoke no English. I had to swat away fly catchers who were trying to help me buy the beads – They ‘befriend’ you so you buy tours or tourist gifts from you.

I once again went to Union cafe after dropping the pictures off. I had a very good cheesecake, it was a lot smaller than the others, but the other cakes were HUGE. After dropping my stuff at the house I went to SWIWSCO. Just before I left I wanted to speak to Eliza. Mum and I will be sponsoring her, and sending her to Mt Kilimanjaro school. Which is the one ran by Indians, and I feel is the better school the SWIWSCO kids go to. I had been struggling on how to break it to her so I just came out with it. She was over joyed and ran round telling the other kids. It was so nice to see.