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My time to leave had finally come. I got up early and said bye to Johanna, Melina and Elin; As they had to leave for Upendo. Maria also left for Upendo shortly after. It was strange and sad to say bye to them as I’d been living with them for a while now. I next went over to SWIWSCO for 30 mins and saw the kids. After speaking to a few of them I started to say bye and give out my letters to the kids. It was really very emotional. Some of the older girls will be leaving and who knows what keys ahead of them.

I ran back to the house and got myself sorted, showered, ate breakfast. It was then time to go… I was sad to say bye to Witness as we had become friends and she had really come out of her shell. I gave her a present and this made her cry. Godfrey was manning the shop and he tried to continue to look cool as he could as we said goodbye. Collins and Kenny helped me to put my stuff in Omario’s car, I said bye to them and left. It really felt very surreal.

I was getting a Fast Jet flight from Kilimanjaro to Dar Es Salaam. I grabbed the shuttle, which left in good African time. I tried to take in everything on my last trip through Moshi. As we drove to the airport the mountain managed to come out for a last glimpse. Check-in was good. I was amused as it took two laptops and a phone call for them to find out if I actual paid for a bag online. The plane pushed off and we waited on the tarmac for a few minutes, which was strange as the airport is very small and we should take off straight away. The captain came on the PA to say Dar airport had been closed… I had a little panic inside as I didn’t really need this at the start of my journey! We taxied back to the ‘terminal’ and just as the plane stopped, it started again and the captain told us we would be able to leave as Dar airport was open again… A 5 minute airport closure…

The flight took around an hour and was fine. I collected my bag and followed the signs for transfer. The route for the transfer passengers was down a small corridor. It looked as if I was passing through the officers of the airport, down a tiny corridor that barely fit my trolley down. After a security check I was in front of the check-in desks. There were a few chairs but nowhere to buy water, which was a little frustrating as I was there for a good 2 hours. I wrote some of my blogs and just listened to music.

Finally the desk opened and a very slow process of a document check occurred before check-in, where they looked at your ticket and passport like the check-in desk does… My Qatar flight left at 18:20 to Doha. The flight was rammed and my bag was moved to near the front. I asked if I could move nearer it and I did after we had taken off. Luckily there were two seats next to each other free and it was an emergency exit row, so lots of room! I slept for half the flight. The food was very good but there was a drunk Scottish man who was really annoying and I was surprised to find no personal screens on the plane.

I had 2 hours in Doha and after the annoying bus journey there wasn’t much time left. I used the free wi-fi and just wandered to my gate. I boarded late and was surprised to find an empty plane. It was a 2-4-2 setup and there was only 1 person in the middle row in the entire plane. I got 2 seats to myself by the window. I grabbed lots of the tiny pillows from empty seats and had another few hours sleep, as this flight was longer 7:30. The food was very good again.

My godmother, Verity, was very kindly picking me up. I landed just before 8 UK time and had been traveling for over 24 hours. We went back to Verities house and I enjoyed a really good hot shower. I was then cooked a wonderful cooked breakfast, one of the few things I had missed.

I am going to stop writing now as I could keep going and going. I have struggled to summarise everyday, never mind my entire trip. Tanzania is an amazing country. If you can embrace it and laugh off all the things which as a westerner, would be totally in efficient, then you will have an incredible time in this beautiful country.