In this blog I will be writing about my summer in Tanzania. I am a 22 year old UK citizen who recently graduated with a 2:1 in Business Studies from Lancaster University. Within a few days of graduating I was on a plane to Moshi, in northern Tanzania. I am staying at SWIWSCO orphanage in Moshi and volunteering here from the end of July to mid October.

There are 26 children at the orphanage. The kids need sponsors in order to send them to a private school and not a government school. I am also doing some teaching whilst I’m here at one of the schools the children from SWIWSCO attend. In addition to teaching and volunteering at the orphanage I am also looking to help Collins, who runs SWIWSCO, improve how the orphanage is ran and how funding is generated.

I want to gain as much exposure to all different aspects of life in Tanzania as possible. I am a keen Ultimate Frisbee player and I have been practising with a local team and attending practise at a local boarding school to do some coaching. I am taking every opportunity that I can to experience something new everyday.

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